About ABC Events

A Little About ABC Events, LLC

Founded in 2005, ABC Events is an Annapolis based, non-profit events company focused on creating safe and memorable experiences for our patrons. We have a fresh approach to curating our events, that works in tandem with our unique location and demographics. Over the last 11 years, we have created and produced some amazing experiences, such as:

  • Maryland Maritime Heritage Festival
  • Maryland Seafood Festival
  • Volvo Ocean Race Stop-Over
  • Maryland Chicken Wing Festival
  • Bay Bridge Paddle
  • Annapolis Beer Run
  • New Year’s Annapolis

Working within our ABC’s of Great Events, we will continue to put on great, safe, and socially conscious events, and are looking forward to a fun filled 2017 lineup!

ABCs of Great Events

abc-color-logoA. Safety is Our Number One Priority
B. Everyone Does the Right Thing (Pick up trash, Stay cool, Smile)
C. Everybody Has Fun!

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